A Practice of Alignment

I received an email from one of my circle sisters the other day. I think of her as a circle sister because for half a decade we came together every Thursday evening and entered that sacred gathering space of our women’s circle. And despite not having seen each other for several years, the heart connection is still there, chronological time having little effect on the intimate bonds woven between women who have shared themselves in the way of circle.

In catching up she told me she was in the midst of much change, all of which was very exciting as well as exhausting. Having finally sold her office condominium, she had been able to purchase her first home. And at the age of 65 she finally felt like she was growing up ~ a homeowner and with money in the bank!

I found myself musing over the various criteria we all use to evaluate ourselves and our lives – to assess whether we have measured up to the standards we carry around like our personal scorecards:

  • I don’t feel I’m a great mother. Great moms invent new games, finger paint, don’t feel worn out when they spend time with their kids.
  • If he truly loved me, he would take me dancing, buy me flowers, offer to help with the housework.
  • After I resolve this last project, then I’ll give myself a day off, a vacation, a break … be entitled to some personal time.

Recognize the web?

What qualities or character traits, what achievements have the capacity to generate your sense of accomplishment, your feeling of fulfilment or sense of rightness? And whose measures are you using? … the family rules passed down from your parents or grandparents?… a current cultural or gender stereotype?… your own vision board collage of the dreams and archetypal stories gathered and then followed like breadcrumbs?

As always, the question remains – how clearly can you discern your own quiet voice amidst the cacophonous chorus of the many? Whether you are considering a choice of action or searching for a sense of comfort with your own self-definition, being tuned in to all your individual centers of consciousness allows you to hear your own pure, authentic voice.

Learn to listen to your mind, your heart and your instinct, and recognize that their interests are distinct and independent and very often at odds. And are you able and willing to make the effort to bring them together, to move in alignment with all three?

Take a moment to experiment. Begin with equalized breathing, and closing your eyes, allow yourself to slip into a state of relaxation. Making no effort to calm yourself, simply allow your energy to settle, resting at the base of your spine in a placid pool. Continue letting go as you breathe slowly and deeply, inhaling and exhaling rhythmically, drawing the light into your body.

Now consider your issue, whatever circumstance you are attempting to resolve or understand, holding it loosely in your consciousness. Draw the light energy into the area around your third eye and ask your Mind to share any thoughts or beliefs it may have about this issue, neither rationalizing nor attempting to analyze what you are receiving. Simply listen without judgment. When you sense you have heard all that is being offered from your Mind, bring your light energy into your heart center and ask your Heart to share any thoughts or feelings it may have regarding your issue. Again, simply allow yourself to listen deeply.  And finally, bring your light energy into the field around your root chakra, your bodymind center, and ask your Instinct to share any beliefs, senses, or ideas it may hold concerning this issue.

When you feel complete for now, focus again on your breath as you gently bring yourself back to this space and time. In your journal, record what you received from each of your centers of inner guidance.  And then using the points from each, meditate on how you can select a course of action that most closely satisfies the intentions of all three. You may wish to revisit your Mind, Heart or Instinct to listen again and more deeply, particularly if the way forward continues to be elusive. Persevere!

When we embrace a reality fully informed by our deepest, most authentic being, our lives blossom in ways we could not have imagined, and our creations are fertile and profoundly gratifying.

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