Women in Transition

Welcome to the extraordinary world of circles! Never has there been a time more conducive to the flourishing of women’s circles. Women today have the means, the motive, and the opportunity to commune on a local and global scale. And while the benefits of circles are always delightfully piquant, they are also frequently unpredictable and unexpected. Much like the old adage, shake the chestnut tree and the universe delivers mangoes, women who immerse themselves in the sisterhood of circle reap the harvest of a divine nature they could scarcely have imagined.
Women’s circles come in many forms and guises. Some meet monthly in person, and some convene weekly on conference lines or audiovisual devices. Some circles exchange gifts, study common interests, cater to specific age groups, or study spiritual matters in preparation for self-transformation.
Regardless of their missions, the secret to all successful circles lies in creating a safe and comfortable vessel in which to travel together. Circle journeys weave a sacred web of intimate connection among their members and model the practice of speaking from the heart. We learn to withhold our judgments, respect one another’s confidences, practice deep listening, and master the fine art of intentional speaking.
To sustain itself, a circle requires structural integrity. Ideally, the group’s organization and the rules of the game are set forth up front and agreed upon by all members. Honoring these agreements, being authentically present, and doing one’s own personal work (which can and will come up) all cultivate a climate ripe for discovery and change. Secrets are unveiled, paradigms shift and evolve, doors open, and choices are realized, all within the sacred womb of the circle.